a cow jumps over the moon at the fantastic low fibre broadband prices from SWS

We’re over the moooon about our new pricing

Lightning fast broadband from ONLY £26/month

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For new customers looking to join us or existing looking to upgrade, simply enter your postcode to see the packages available to you.

Stuck in a contract? We'll set you free!*

If you're tied into a contract with another supplier and unable to switch because of cancellation charges, we will give you our full fibre broadband service for FREE for up to 12 months to run alongside the service you are currently tied into. Even better…you can use this option in conjunction with our new reduced pricing!


For example, if you are tied into a contract for 6 months we will provide you with full fibre broadband for FREE* for those 6 months. After that, you will pay our reduced pricing for the next 6 months and then revert to our standard pricing for the final 12 months of the contract period.


Terms and conditions apply. Promotional pricing available for all full fibre connections with a registered expression of interest via our website from 1st September 2023 until 31st December 2023. 24 month contract applies. Customer must be connected to one of our full fibre services by 1st July 2024 to qualify. Promotional pricing available to new customers only.
*'Stuck in a contract' offer only available with our 24 month full fibre contracts. Free period is up to a maximum of 12 months. This offer is for new customers only. Where used with our new promotional pricing offer, the free period consumes the reduced pricing period as explained in the example above. Terms and conditions apply and subject to a free survey. Prices are fixed for the duration of your contract and include VAT. Non-standard installation may incur additional cost.