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  • All SWS Broadband packages offer unlimited data so you’ll never find your connection restricted or have a nasty surprise in your invoice at the end of the month.
  • No line rental – transfer your landline number to a VoIP provider and lose line rental charges – an SWS Broadband connection doesn’t need a landline and supports VoIP phone packages.
  • A generous 5 Mbps upload is included with every package to support the growing requirements of online gaming, cloud backup and storage, CCTV and VoIP.
  • Higher upload required? – No problem please contact us, we can increase upload in: 
    • 5 Mbps steps at £5 per 5 Mbps for Ultrafast Broadband
    • 10 Mbps steps at £10 per 10 Mbps for Gigabit Villages