Report a Fault

Engineer Visits

SWS Broadband Engineer Visit

When you report a problem with your SWS Broadband connection we will ask you to carry out a series of checks, tests and reboots, if this doesn’t restore your service and we can’t find a network fault or fix a problem remotely we’ll offer an engineer’s visit.

We respond to network outages same or next day and to outages/issues isolated to individual customers same or next business day.

Our call out charge is £75 (inc VAT).

You will not be charged if the problem is found to be within the SWS Broadband network outside the boundary of your property.

You’ll be charged for the visit, any adjustments or repairs carried out or equipment replaced if the problem is found to be caused by things like:

  • The way you’ve connected your equipment
  • Interference from any other equipment such as phones, alarm systems, HiFi etc
  • Faulty equipment (eg router, radio or access point) that is out of warranty (equipment provided at installation is in warranty if you’re in your initial contract term)
  • Equipment supplied by SWS that has been reset or programmed incorrectly after installation
  • Home network equipment not supplied by SWS
  • Cables that have been cut or damaged
  • Damaged sockets, power adapters or equipment
  • Damage caused by building work, damp, flood or fire
  • Damage outside caused by something like broken guttering, trees or storms
  • Growth of vegetation (eg trees/shrubs/hedges) on your property which affects line of sight between the radio on your property and the SWS network mast or relay it connects to

We won’t be able to tell you if there’s a charge or what the charge will be until after an engineer visits and assesses the problem..

Where possible our engineer will inform you of any charges and the work that needs to be carried out to restore your connection and will require your approval before carrying out repairs or replacing equipment.