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Rural Broadband Installation


SWS Broadband provides Next Generation Access (NGA) or Super Fast broadband using terrestrial Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technologies. For SWS Broadband to successfully deliver a service, there must be a direct and unobstructed line of sight between your property and one of our relays or masts. The need for a good line of sight is due to the highly focused, very low power radio waves transmitted between the antenna. Obstructions which may appear as insignificant as leaves on a tree can degrade the signal sufficiently to make it unusable.

If SWS is concerned about the possibility of line of sight obstruction, we will carry out a no obligation site survey before proceeding to schedule an installation.

SWS Broadband supplies and installs all equipment required for a connection

  • External radio (receives signal from relay or mast)
  • Internal Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapter
  • Cable Router
  • Please ensure that two (surge protected) power sockets are available

Position of radio (transceiver) and router

The position of the radio on the outside of your property will be dictated by the location of the mast or relay it connects to, a CAT5e cable is run from the radio to its power adapter which is in turn connected to the router.

Two free power sockets (surge protected) are required for this equipment.

Standard installation assumes that the router will be located in a room on the same side of the house as the radio – please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you think this is impractical and we can discuss alternative options.

SWS will supply a router at installation, if you prefer you are welcome to use your existing router if compatible or supply your own – it must have a Cable WAN connection. We are always happy to confirm whether your existing or proposed router is suitable for an SWS connection.


Standard installation price depends on contract length

  • it includes equipment and installation

Non-standard connections (more than 9km from connecting mast or where the radio cannot be installed on the building) may cost more. Where necessary we will carry out a free, no-obligation survey and provide a quotation for connections identified as non-standard prior to installation.