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VoIP Telephone Services

All SWS Broadband packages support a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service. Many of our customers use Vonage which provides both home and business solutions.

Benefits of a VoIP Telephone service from Vonage:

  • Keep your existing phone number and equipment
  • No line rental
  • Unlimited call plans – starting at £10.25/month
  • 20 Free features including caller display, call divert and visual voicemail
  • Make and receive calls on your mobile (Vonage Extensions App required)
  • Easy to setup (no engineer visits or installation costs)
  • Please visit the Vonage website to order or for further information

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A VoIP phone is entirely dependent on your internet connection.

If you decide to use a VoIP provider for your telephone:

  • Wait until your SWS Broadband connection is installed and working before ordering (equipment is usually delivered next day).
  • If you have separate providers for telephone and broadband you will need to cancel your broadband independently.
  • When your number is transferred to your VoIP service this will close your account and cancel any existing services (including from the same provider broadband).
  • The process of transferring your telephone number is handled by your new provider – you don’t need to speak to your existing provider unless you have account/contract queries.
  • DO NOT CANCEL EXISTING TELEPHONE SERVICES if you want to transfer your telephone number.
  • If you cancel your service independently your number cannot be transferred to a new provider.
  • If you have separate providers for telephone and broadband we recommend that you check that all services have ceased when your number transfer is complete.

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Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Are you having trouble with your VoIP connection or service? Here are some hints and tips to get you up to speed.