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 VoIP Trouble Shooting

VoIP – Troubleshooting

We hope the following suggestions help you identify and resolve poor quality issues with Vonage calls. Please check the following (for both parties of the call if relevant):

  1. Your Vonage Box should not be in close proximity to other electronic equipment (router, telephone base unit, hifi equipment etc). Ideally the Vonage box, router and telephone base unit positions should be triangulated – stacking on top of each other to minimise the footprint of the equipment should be avoided. Try for a minimum of 60cm/2ft between the units.
  2. The handset call volume is set at the minimum (not the ring volume and may only be adjustable during a call) – only increase if the call demands it. (All handsets have volume limiters to reduce risk of hearing damage – Vonage call quality is usually much clearer than a landline and the limiter can kick in resulting in feedback, echo or delay during the call). You may need to adjust your call volume accordingly for each call you make.
  3. Remove the power supply from the back of the Vonage box, leave for 15-20 seconds (until all lights have faded) and reconnect – this forces a full reboot and clears any cached memory from the device.
  4. Contact us, let us know that you are having quality issues and ask us to check pings to your connection – this will identify whether there is an SWS network error contributing to poor quality.
  5. Further troubleshooting tips can be found at Vonage Technical Support

Please let us know if your call quality remains poor after following the above process – and do contact Vonage customer support to log any issues – we are unable to escalate any case that hasn’t been logged.