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We are uplifting our FWA network to deliver speeds of up to 90Mbps.
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SWS Wireless Packages

SWS Wireless broadband 30Mbps download

Download: 30Mbps
Upload: 10Mbps

£36 per month



SWS Wireless broadband 60Mbps download

Download: 60Mbps
Upload: 20Mbps

£42 per month



SWS Wireless broadband 90Mbps download

Download: 90Mbps
Upload: 30Mbps

£50 per month



Standard* Installation:

24 Month Contract - FREE

18 month contract -  £99
12 month contract - £150

All SWS Wireless packages include:

  • Unlimited data
  • Generous upload of up to 30Mbps (greater upload speeds subject to availability)

  • Fixed price during contract

  • Free standard installation with 24-month contract

  • Support of VoIP phone services for home and business - no need for a landline

  • No activation fee


 Can we deliver SWS Wireless Broadband to you?

SWS Wireless Broadband uses terrestrial Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technologies. For us to successfully deliver a service, there must be a direct and unobstructed line of sight between your property and one of our relays or masts.

The need for a good line of sight is due to the highly focused, very low power radio waves transmitted between the antenna. Obstructions which may appear as insignificant as leaves on a tree can degrade the signal sufficiently to make it unusable.

If we are concerned about the possibility of line of sight obstruction, we will carry out a no-obligation site survey before proceeding to schedule an installation.


How does SWS Broadband get to you?

We install a radio on your property which receives a signal from a broadcast radio on one of our masts or relays (same principal as analogue radio or TV) - this is the wireless bit.

Depending on how far your property is from the mast, the radio could be the size of a side plate up to satellite dish size - we can always let you know in advance exactly what will be installed.

An ethernet cable is then run from the installed radio, into your property to a router, from which point your SWS Broadband connection delivers a highspeed, reliable service which can be used in exactly the same way as any other provider’s service. 

  What is standard installation?

Standard installation assumes that:

  • the property where the connection is required has line of sight to one of our masts
  • the router will be located on the same side of the house as the radio
  • our installer will not need to overcome any internal or external obstructions

Non-standard installation, where your property does not have direct line of sight or additional equipment or materials are required to provide a connection may incur additional costs. Where a non-standard installation is expected we will carry out a site-survey and provide a quote for your approval before moving forward with an installation.

What is included in an installation?

At installation we supply all equipment required for your connection to operate, including radio and router.

More information about installation

What are our customers saying about us:

"If it hadn't been for the delivery of fast and reliable broadband by SWS to both my home and my business, I would've had to have moved out of the area. I am now able to apply for the GBVS Voucher and with that, will be able to grow my business further.”

Ben Stone, The Visual Works, May 2021


“The installation was stress free and the technician explained everything to me. He waited while I set the television and laptop up. He was reluctant to leave until I was totally satisfied with the installation. His work ethic was impressive. The little box hides behind the television and the signal reaches throughout the house.”

Geraint, Ludlow, Shropshire, July 2021


“My whole family is really impressed with SWS Broadband service. The internet supply is great, the support you give if needed is also excellent, you even provide emails if there are any issues in the area. We have recommended SWS Broadband to many people. Thank you.”

Jeannie, All Stretton, Shropshire, July 2021


“Many thanks for the fast and efficient repair. It was carried out quickly after reporting problems with my connection. Special word of thanks to the engineer - he was polite, nothing too much trouble, he was excellent!”

John, Llandyssil, Shropshire, August 2021


Prices include VAT. Non-standard installation may cost extra. Subject to availability & survey. 

The download speeds are average speeds achievable by at least 50% of users in Shropshire on a wired connection at peak times (8-10pm). Your actual speed will vary depending on a number of different factors (e.g. your location, home wiring, Wi-Fi connection and time of day).