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SWS Broadband Terms and Conditions

  • Rewritten for clarity
  • Reordered for logical progression of service from enquiry to termination
  • Minimum contract length – twelve months for Ultrafast Broadband, automatic rolling monthly thereafter (does not affect customers already receiving a service)
  • Minimum notice period for termination of service – reduced from 60 days to one calendar month

Please download a copy for future reference.

SWS Terms & Conditions

Please also see our Privacy Policy, Network Standards and Code of Conduct pages which outline our commitment to provide a quality service and to protect your personal information.

Common Questions

What service will I get, how much will I pay?

Details of the services we offer including our charges can be found on our rural broadband page. Our installation confirmation will detail the service we expect to provide and the charges. you can change the service at any time if you wish – this will not extend the minimum term of your contract.

When does my service start?

Your SWS Broadband service will start after successful installation. We expect this to be on the day of installation but occasionally there may be circumstances which delay this.

How long does my service last?

The minimum term for all services is 12 months from the date of your first invoice for the service.

In some circumstances you can end a service early.

Will the charges increase?

We may increase the charges at any time. We’ll tell you before we make any changes to our prices, we’ll give you at least two months notice of any changes.

If a change puts you in a significantly worse position you’ll be able to end the agreement without penalty.

Will a service change?

We may change a service, service features, charges or our Terms and Conditions at any time.

If any changes put you in a significantly worse position you’ll be able to end the agreement without penalty.

What notice do I have to give for terminating my service?

We require a minimum of one calendar month notice if you want to terminate your service – please see our closing account page for further information.