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Home Networks WiFi Survey

Home Network/WiFi Survey

If, following installation of your SWS Broadband connection, you discover that your property has not-spots (where devices cannot connect to the WiFi network) or there are areas within your property where the router signal strength is too poor to maintain a stable connection to your devices, or support your activity please let us know.

In a majority of cases we’ll be able to advise you of the appropriate equipment (readily available from online or high street stores) to extend your network to provide full coverage without visiting your property. If you purchase equipment at our recommendation we will be able to talk you through the process of configuring to ensure your home network operates at its full potential.

If your requirements are complex or your property particularly large we may recommend you contact a specialist company and will provide contact details for any that have been recommended to us by other customers.

In some circumstances we may suggest that we carry out an indoor WiFi survey of your property before making our recommendation. You can request a survey if you’re not sure our initial assessment or recommendation is suitable.

Indoor WiFi Survey: £78 inc VAT


Homeplugs/Powerlines, are generally purchased in pairs or kits. One wall socket is required for each unit.

Base unit: plugs into a wall socket near the router and ethernet/patch cable connects them.
Remote units (access points): plug into a wall socket where you want to extend your WiFi network

These devices use your existing electrical cabling to transfer data – they can be very effective and reliable.

Up to four remote units can be connected to one base unit.
Correct configuration required for seamless roaming – please ask us for help.
Suitable if sockets are on different ring mains through the same consumer unit.
Remote units have one or two LAN ports enabling cabled as well as wireless connections.
Provide a discrete and flexible solution as the access points can be relocated to suit changing needs.

May not work if plugged into a socket fed via a fused spur.
May not work if plugged into extension cables or multi-block adapters.

Not suitable if the sockets to be used are supplied through different consumer units.

Cabled Access Points

Where homeplug/powerline units aren’t a suitable solution you can consider cabled access points.

A CAT5e/Ethernet cable is run from a LAN port in the router to the point where the access point is required. This is an effective solution but not suitable for everyone.

Requires cable to be run through the house – has a greater visual impact.
Once installed the access point location is fixed.

Boosters/Range Extenders

These items plug into a socket between the router and the area where you want to extend your WiFi signal to. Some of our customers use these to great effect but we do not recommend or provide technical support for these products.

Not suitable to extend the range where there are physical reasons such as thick walls/chimney contributing to poor connectivity.

Not as versatile as Homeplugs/Powerlines.

Complex requirements/large properties

We may decide that your requirements are beyond our ability to support, if this is the case we will happily recommend a specialist company who will be able to provide the solution you are looking for.